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Colorado Cultivations thanks you for visiting our website! We opened our doors in July of 2014 to help educate people in the field of cannabis cultivation. For years I shopped at grow stores and unfortunately for this industry and community the customer service and information I received were less than I feel people deserve. The most important product we offer here at Colorado Cultivations is our knowledge and willingness to share it. And it's always free! Whether you're just starting up or a seasoned grower we'll accurately qualify your needs and help you to be as successful as possible in all of your gardening endeavors. So come in today and see our lower than MSRP pricing, and experience our one of a kind customer service! Sincerely Bobby Garrod

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We will always meet your needs and qualify what's best for your growing needs.

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Our horticulture knowledge and experience is always free and available.

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Quality and affordability are are top priorities in our ordering program.

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Hey everybody! This time of year sees the absolute best indoor conditions and consistent yields compared to other times of the year temperature-wise. But it can get very dry here in Colorado, so always remember to keep your grows at 40% humidity and higher, unless you're growing succulents or other arid loving plants. This time of year tons of customers bring me damaged leaves that they assume are because of nutrients or pH, and it is usually nothing more than insufficient humidity. ...

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Hey everyone! It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Cooler nighttime temps mean more consistent and manageable indoor grow temps. Don't forget the three main priorities. pH 5.3 in veg and 5.1 in flower. Never have below 45% humidity. Ever. Pop seeds and stop buying clones from grows. They're weak from day one, and you bring home 100% of that grows problems when you take in a clone.. ...

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