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The Best Nutrients

We carry many lines of nutrients, and all of them are amazing. However, a couple stand out in certain areas and I'd like to educate you a bit. CYCO has proven to be the best all around for big and healthy results. It's entire line has 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients. I've seen more growers switch from…
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Summer Is Gone!

With multiple overnight lows in the 30's here in Colorado this September, we have to be mindful of our outdoor plants and gardens that are susceptible to these killer temperatures. Cold stress will instantly cause your plants to droop, and also lock out nutrients from circulating through the plant. If you notice signs like these…
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Feeding With Dirt!

There are so many lines of nutrients out there and sometimes growers forget about all of the soil beneficials that can make as drastic a change as any liquid nutrients on the market. By mixing the correct amounts of worm castings, sea bird and bat guano, mycorrhizae and trichoderma, it is possible to feed a…
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Rockets Are Amazing!

Plasma lighting is the newest form of lighting in the grow industry. Unfortunately the bust that LEDs were when they first arrived has made growers shy to try new forms of lighting. Well let me tell you, don't be afraid to use plasma, it's amazing. And Rocket Plasma lights are the best on the market.…
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