11760284_10152875771137583_1079431318382711760_nWe carry the most successful brands in the grow industry, and anything we don't have on our shelves can be ordered with next day delivery. We specialize in new and exciting technologies and products such as Rocket Plasma lighting, and CYCO nutrients. We have everything you'll need for both soil and hydroponic, PH testing and adjustment, cloning, pest control, harvesting tools, electronic accessories, and even hash extraction kits! From seedling or clone, all the way to harvest, we have everything you'll need to cultivate at the highest level possible!

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Even with these cooler nightime temps, it feels like spring in here! If you have any fall harvest questions give us a call at 719-203-5309. Autumn is almost here, and for many it's the best time of the year! We have about one hot week of summer left and then it's cooler days until spring! ...

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2 months ago

Colorado Cultivations

Hey everybody! This Friday the 17th we are having a CYCO day!! The amazing Velvet our CYCO rep, will be here to educate your faces off, and answer any questions you may have. We will have some food, and giveaways, and lots of fun so make sure you stop by!! ...

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